We also thank all who very generously converted their tickets for the cancelled March and April concerts into donations to Music in Corrales.  Their timely support will help us weather this storm and sustain our mission in the days to come. Click here

Thank You to Our Generous 2019-2021 Donors & Sponsors

Valerie and Tom Armer *
The Cates Team at RBC Wealth Management * **
CONCERT SPONSORS ($1,500-$2,999)
Gilbert and Linda Benavides
John and Cookie Emerson *
Henry and Mary Espinosa
Nim and Sue Evatt *
Sandy Gold *
Robin Marshment Henry and John McKean
Harry and Betsey Linneman *
In memory of James M. Parker and the Parker Center for Family Business
John R. Schumann
CONCERT ADVOCATES ($1,000-$1,499)
Bill and Karla Cates in memory of Emma Marie Romero
Joann MacKenzie, The Financial Maestro *
CHAMPIONS ($500-$999)
Dr. Don Bonney and Caryl Trotter
Linda and Lance Ozier *
BENEFACTORS ($300-$499)
John Christian and Kris Mathieson
David and Sharon Cross *
Bruce and Susana Erling
Arnold and Sandra Farley
Nancy Fleming
Michael and Adriana Foris *
Lisa and Joe Glass
Renee LaBauve and Andy Pacquet
John and Lenore Reeve *
Jack Reynolds and Ross Welke *  ***
John and Glynda Samford
Valerie St John and Charles Leder *
PATRONS ($100-$299)
Barry Berkson
Stan and Gay Betzer *
Ron Costell M.D. and Marsha Swiss
Martha Davis
Jeannie DeCanditis
Nancie Dominic *
Michael and Jana Druxman *
Jerry and Jannie Dusseau *
Deb English*
Marge Gerber
Sandy Gold * **
Marsha and Walter Greaves
Hope Grey
Carol A. Haller
Sue Hoadley
Peter and Susan Jones
Glen and Clara Kilcup ***
Woody and Nandini Kuehn
Carol Levy
Ken and Linda Lueders *
Margo MacVicar-Whelan *
Josee Marchessault
Sally McGrath
John McKean
Marilyn Morton
Ed and Nancy Naimark *
Carol Rigmark and Tom Byrnes

PATRONS (continued)
Melissa and Tom Roberts
Mary Ross
Sadie’s of New Mexico
Kim Saxe
Pam and Billy Schaefer *
Michael and Charmaine Sides
Rick and Mary Anne Snow
Charlene Spiegel – Corazon de Corrales B&B *
James D Strode
Steve Tolber and Louise Campbell-Tolber
Claudio and Rosemary Vigil
Von Ancken Family
Larry and Tracy West *
FRIENDS (to $99)
Meg Adams-Cameron
Nancy Adamson
Lynn Altman *
Joanna Ash
Philip Askenazy
Susan Bachechi
Douglas Bailey
Armand Bartos
Wendy Bear
Jim Belshaw and Elizabeth Staley
Carrie J Blake
Steve and Noelle Brodeur
Elizabeth Bryant
Laura Burns
Susan Cahill
Gary Carter
Melissa Chapin
Nadine Cobb
Larry and Mary Compton *
Reynaldo Cordova **
Nita Daly
Don Devoti
Martin J Doviak
Ken and Sandra Duckert
Charles and Emily Dumler
Rachel Dushoff
Suzanne Ebel
Chuck Elliott and Laura Smith
Teresa Fitzgibbon
Patti Flanagan and Mike Sorce
Jacqueline Fletcher and Donald Turton
Michael Fontanarosa
Dick and Ginger Foote
Barbara Frames
Maxine Freed
Mary K Gallagher
Jill Glass
Bruce Golden
Merel Hancock
Judy and Richard Hayes *
Stephen Heath
Sid Hildrum
Carlton Holte and Sheryl Guterl
Laurel Hull
Sandra Humphrey
Shireen Jacob
James R Jamieson

FRIENDS (continued)
Rod & Patty Justice
Brian and Brenda Kilcup
Nan Kimball
Robert Kunkle
Donna Kwilosz and Milton Strauss
James and Marilyn Large
Susan Larson
Wendy Lathrop
Richard Levine
Jeannie Linsavage
Terry and Kris Linton
Kate Livingston and Charles Ewing
Paula Lozar
Don Machen
Cynthia Maurizio
Brookes McIntyre
Brooks McIntyre
Dayna and Jeff Melvin
Linda Menzel and David Young
Mary Beth Metcalf
Moses Michelsohn
Douglas and Marcia Miller
Gary Miller and Valerie Beaman
Sylvia Munson
Michael Nadler
Barbara Nkele
Dennis and Carolyn O’Mara
Linda Pasternacki
Fredrick Pearson
Paul Pierce
Stefan Posse
Ray and Joan Regan
Cristina Renschen
Matthew Rimmer
Margaret Roberts *
Renee Robillard and Jim Lynch
John Roby
Jonathan Rubins
Gene Schaefer
William Schaefer
Michael and Vanessa Schiller
Michael Smith
Michael Smock
Susan Spaven
Lisa Steadman
Nancy and Jerry Stermer
Marilyn and David Thurlo
Allan and Evie Tinkham
Steven Townsend
John and Nancy Ullman
Art Usher
Cynthia Veinot
R. Michael Westbay in memory of James Patrick Westbay
Brahna and Janusz Wilcznski
Linda and Greg Wilson
Hank and Mary Witek
Katherine Wimmer
Hank and Mary Witek *
Linda and Jim Wolcott
Michaell York
Philip Zager

Thank You to Our Generous 2018-2019 Season Donors & Sponsors

The Cates Team at RBC Wealth Management
CONCERT SPONSORS ($1,500-$2,499)
Abrazo Homes
Pat Clauser
John & Cookie Emerson
Nim & Sue Evatt
Sandy Gold
Parker Center for Family Business
at Anderson School of Management
– James M. & Linda H. Parker
Deborah Peacock/Peacock Law P.C.
John R. Schumann
ADVOCATE ($1,000-$1,499)
CHAMPIONS ($500-$999)
The Financial Maestro – Joann MacKenzie
Linda & Lance Ozier
BENEFACTORS ($300-$499)
John Christian & Kris Mathieson
Janice C. Conavay
Nancy Fleming
Renee P. LaBauve
John & Lenore Reeve
Jack Reynolds & Ross Welke
Glynda & John Samford
PATRONS ($100-$299)
Thomas & Valerie Armer
Stan & Gay Betzer
Ronald M. Costell, M.D.
David & Sharon Cross
Franny Dever & David Tinker
Michael & Jana Druxman

PATRONS (continued)
Jerry & Jannie Dusseau
Deborah English
Bruce & Susana Erling
Arnold & Sandra Farley
Michael & Adriana Foris
Marge Gerber
Walter & Marsha Greaves
Carol A. Haller
Fred & Joan Hashimoto
Peter & Susan Jones
Woody & Nandini Kuehn
Carol & Craig Levy**
Kris & Terry Linton
Margo MacVicar-Whelan
John McKean
Gary Miller
Ed & Nancy Naimark
Steve Tolber & Louise Campbell-Tolber
Michael Sides 
The Von Ancken Family
R. Michael Westbay in memory of
   James Patrick Westbay
FRIENDS (to $99)
Charlene Baker & Allen Robnett
Billy & Nancy Buchanan
Mary & Larry Compton
Nita Daly
Sue Hoadley & Don Wismer
Julie Mayes
Michael Nadler
Carol Rigmark & Tom Byrnes
Margaret Roberts
Cindy J. Russell
Doris Steiger

* Donated in both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons. Donations include those who donated the value of their March and/or April cancelled concert tickets.

** Designated for Music in Schools.
*** Designated for the Evelyn Curtis Losack Endowment for Music Education


BENEFACTORS ($300-$499)
Stan & Gay Betzer
Jack Reynolds & Ross Welke

PATRONS ($100-$299)
Billy & Nancy Buchanan
Greg & Pam Gibbons
Elena Kayak & Richard Von Ancken
Craig & Carol Levy
Nancy & Ed Pierce
Jeff & Patti Wagner

FRIENDS (to $99)
Thomas Ball
Dave & Jocelyn Franco
Julie Gregory
Elizabeth Rivers
Clifford & Georgia Spirock

For details on the endowment fund and how to make a donation please  Click here

Corrales Cultural Arts Council Sponsors

This project is made possible in part by grants from the following

The following Benefactors generously contribute in-kind services and products at reduced cost to the Council:


Chocolate Turtle B&B
Corazon de Corrales B&B
Sandhill Crane B&B


Casa Perea Art Space
Casa Vieja Event Center & Brewery
Corrales Arts Center
Corrales Realty
New Mexico Jazz Workshop
RedRockinIt Photography
Todos Juntos Photography


Café Adanus (Anatolia)
Las Ristras
Perea’s Tijuana Bar
Vara Wines


The Corrales Cultural Arts Council (CCAC) is dedicated to cultivating music appreciation in the greater Albuquerque area through its Music in Corrales concert series and its Music in Schools program.  We keep ticket prices low because we are passionate about sharing music with as many as possible.  Because ticket sales account for only about 40% of the cost of providing such exceptional artistic programming, we must rely on the generous support of donors like you.

Please consider designating CCAC on your annual United Way pledge campaign


CCAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.  A donation to CCAC of any amount is deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

Donors & Sponsors

Your tax-deductible contribution is essential in continuing the tradition of musical excellence provided by the Corrales Cultural Arts Council (CCAC) through Music in Corrales and Music in Schools.  CCAC is a New Mexico non-profit corporation recognized as a charitable 501(c)3 organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. CCAC is supported by donations from individuals, local businesses, corporations and foundations.

Friend: To $99

Patron: $100-$299

Benefactor: $300-$499

Champion: $500-$999

Concert Advocate: $1,000-$1,499

Concert Sponsor:  $1,500-$2,599

Concert Master:  $3,000 plus.

For more information, contact us at info@musicincorrales.org

We welcome your support of Music in Corrales.  Click here to donate online via PayPal.